Travel, retreats, seminars, and surgeries


Dear Friends and Family,

We give thanks every time we think of you! We appreciate you so very much, your love, friendship and support for us. May you be blessed with every blessing from above.

As you know, we have been coming and going from home quite a bit in the past month. Thank you for your prayers for us. Here are some of the things that have been happening here and in Kenya with our kids…

Jon held a Community Health Worker seminar in Kwa Mtoro, a neighboring village. This is something that he has not been able to do for some time but wants to focus on in the coming months. About 15 people attended and it went really well. They studied intercessory prayer and some first aid. Their assignment at the end of the seminar was to visit at least one neighbor to pray with them.

We traveled up to Kenya for Rachel’s field day and to watch to boys play rugby. We did get to see Josh play but unfortunately, Drew’s team did not have enough players to be able to play in the scheduled game which subsequently got cancelled. We got some neat pics of Drew though from friends.

From there, down to Arusha where we met with friends for a fun day out birding and to discuss conference planning for next year. We and another couple are the planners for our next annual TZ conference which will be held in October. While we have attended over the years, we have never been involved in the planning and running of conference. Please pray that all the details would come together and that it would be a wonderful time for the missionaries and team that come to minister.

Jon headed back up to Kenya for the big rugby tournament of the season where again he got to watch Josh but same thing happened with Drew’s team so neither of us got to see him in action this year but we are thankful that his dorm dad took pictures! As you have heard, Josh injured his meniscus again and we will know in a week or so if he needs surgery or not. While I don’t want him to have to undergo surgery, if having surgery will prevent him from further injury and allows him to continue to play rugby well, then surgery is what we want for him. We are just trusting the LORD to give the doctor wisdom in making this decision. Josh is under the care of the same physician that performed my ACL surgery 4 years ago.

I, Melissa, went to our annual TZ Ladies Retreat during this same weekend. As I was heading up the committee for the first time, I was a little nervous. Everything went very well and I thank God for the time we had together being taught and refreshed. Our main fun events featured watching the royal wedding while enjoying an English tea with scones and then line dancing in the evening as a representation of the American half of the royal couple.

Upon our return to Magambua, we once again hosted Dr. Savage who, along with his nurse, performed 13 successful eye surgeries. Three of those patients had been completely blind from cataract, and were so excited to see again after surgery! Pastor Mashauri led devotions every day and visited with the families who had gathered.

Back up to Kenya for Unit Leader meetings, Rachel’s academic assessment and mid-term weekend. We also got in on Josh’s band tour. We got to watch the full band perform as well as the jazz band. We also celebrated Rachel’s 11th birthday with family over the long weekend. It has been a wonderful blessing to be with our children, our first disciples. They are each growing in their faith in various ways and we are so thankful to our faithful Savior for His presence in their lives.

Morgan, daughter of good friends and a Liberty University nursing student, arrived safely and is now with us for the next couple of weeks in Usandawe. What a blessing for both us and Morgan to see God’s majesty revealed in that Kilimanjaro was snow capped and in full view upon her arrival…a rare occasion!

We are looking forward to our trip to the U.S. this summer for six weeks from mid-July to the third week of August. More details on that coming. We hope to see many of you.

With love and a grateful heart,
Melissa for all of us

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