Prayer request answers and more!


Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for praying with us over the last six weeks! We had a wonderful time with the kids home over their April break, and a great Unit Prayer Day with other missionaries in central TZ. Here are some updates from the last prayer requests, and some added things to pray for.

Melissa’s Bible study group met last month, but only a couple ladies could attend. It still went very well, please keep praying for Melissa to be encouraged as she invests in these local young women.

Thank you for praying for Rachel’s homesickness, we spoke on the phone with her and she said “I’m doing great, I haven’t been homesick yet this term!” She’s excited about being in the upcoming Musical this weekend. We’ll be there this weekend to see the Musical and for some rugby games and Titchie field day. She’s still struggling with math and staying focused and on task at times in school. Pray for her as she’ll be going through a formal psychoeducational assessment by some fellow missionary counselors/doctors in Nairobi on May 28th and 29th. Pray that the testing and assessment would help us find any issues that need to be addressed.

Both Josh and Drew are in the thick of rugby season at RVA, and doing great! Josh’s knee has been doing fine while playing. Keep praying they would be safe and also good sportsmen and examples for Christ.

Otto has started up at the new C.O. school and is enjoying it very much. Seems like a much better environment than his last school.

Tomorrow, May 8th, I’ll be teaching a Community Health Worker seminar for around 25 people in the Kwa Mtoro pastorette. Pray I would be an effective teacher and that the participants would hear from the Lord what He would have them learn. We’re going to be talking about praying and encouraging people, and also First Aid. Pray that this might be another stepping stone towards outreach to Mangasta village, as well as Kwa Mtoro, Gumbu, Motto, and Tumbelo villages.

Melissa has been involved in the planning of a missionary women’s retreat, happening on May 17, 18, 19 near Arusha. Pray that this would be a refreshing time with great fellowship and spiritual renewal for all the ladies attending.

We have an upcoming Eye Surgery Clinic in Magambua on May 21st to 23rd. Pray for the Lord to heal many and reveal Himself through the compassionate care and witness of our staff during the clinic.

At the very end of the month we’ll be in Nairobi for Unit Leader meetings and Rachel’s assessment, and then shortly after that mid-term break with the kids. Pray for safe travels as we’re back and forth to Kenya a number of times this month.

We’re looking forward to hosting Morgan, a nursing student from the States, for a couple weeks in June. Please pray for safe travels for her and that the Lord would bless her time here in Tanzania and give her great experiences that draw her closer to Him.

Phew, OK I know that was a lot, but thanks for standing with us in prayer!

Serving Christ with you,

Jon for all of us

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