Setting faces towards Tanzania


We want to give you an update on where we are with
things since the last newsletter and now following a wonderful, but busy April
of travel and speaking.

First, THANK YOU so much to so many of you who have been faithful
prayer and support partners with us over the years!  And second, THANK
YOU so much to the many of you who have recently joined our support
team.  We praise the Lord and thank Him for you!  And for bringing us
from 85% support up to 96%!  Plus, in terms of our target for returning
to the field, we have already reached that, and have received the all
clear from the home office.  We feel now that we can really ‘set our
faces’ again towards Tanzania.  I won’t spend a lot of time right now
recounting the myriad blessings we have had this furlough (I’ll do that
this summer in a whole other newsletter!).

We have tentatively booked tickets to leave the US on August 6th,
just about three months from now (hard to believe)!  We hope to visit
some friends and a dear church in England for a week en route, and then
arrive in East Africa in mid-August.

We look forward to continuing to see a lot of you over the next few
months, and for some family vacation time.

Please continue to pray for the following:

1) A teacher to commit to come for one or two years to help Melissa with

2)  That our residence permits for Tanzania will be renewed without
difficulty in the next few months.

3)  The remaining 4% of support to come in.

4)  For all five of us, a healthy sense of continuing to enjoy the
States in the next few months, but also a growing excitement to return
to Africa and service there!

5) Praise that Melissa’s mom returned safely in April back to Kijabe,
Kenya, and is settling in well there, continue to pray for a good
adjustment to RVA life.

Serving Jesus with you,

Jon for all of us

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