January 2021 – Happy New Year from Tanzania

Dear Family and Friends,

Praise the Lord, we’re back safely in Arusha Tanzania.  We left Wednesday night and arrived Friday morning.  Saying farewell to Josh and my (Jon’s) parents at the airport was hard, and though it feels weird being here without Josh, we trust that the Lord will guide him during college and are thankful he has a good support system in the US.   Our flights went well, except I left my contact lenses on the first plane, but Qatar airlines tracked them down and I got them back during our layover.  We had a quiet New Year’s Eve at the airport in Doha.  At the Kilimanjaro airport we whipped out our rusty Swahili and were welcomed back to our Africa home by many friendly Immigration and custom agents.  We all crashed last night and slept for many hours, waking to the sounds of African birds, sunshine, green trees, and mid-70 degree weather.  Quite the contrast from the unexpected wonderful snow storm we got in PA a couple weeks ago, in which our whole family got to play in and go sledding and build a snowman too! 

               Please pray for us as we search for a house to rent here in Arusha and move our stuff from the village.  Pray for Drew and Rachel as they begin online school on Monday for a week and a half before reporting in person to RVA on January 16th.  Pray that we’ll be able to get Covid tests and cross the Kenya border well so they can get to school.  Pray for us as well settle back in to missionary life and the Unit Leader Role.  Thank you!

Serving the Lord with you,


Bundled up for PA snow
New Year’s Eve at the airport in Doha

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