safely in Arusha, TANZANIA

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for praying! Last night we arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport safely with all of our luggage (everything but the kitchen sink!), and we made it to the guesthouse. It feels good to be back in Africa, in spite of the jet lag and airplane food heartburn! We are so thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness. Saying goodbye to my parents at the airport was hard, but good. I think of many missionaries who do not have the support of parents or other family members to go where God is calling them. My parents and Melissa’s parents all love Jesus, and feel the privilege (and heartache of separation as well) of sending a loved one to the mission field. We remind ourselves that the gospel is worth it, Jesus is worth it, He promises His comfort for us, and He worthy of all that we have to give to Him and more.
The flights went very smoothly, one of the cabin crew on the first flight was a believer (she had noticed our Hershey Christian School Race for Education shirts) and so we were able to mutually encourage each other. We only had to go through one security check point in Newark and then Amsterdam was a straightforward gate change. We got off the plane in Kili on to the tarmac and greeted ground crew people with our exuberant Swahili!
The Immigration officer was very kind and professional, and everything went smoothly until Drew tried to ‘photo bomb’ Rachel’s web cam picture that they take when processing the passports! Fortunately, she (the officer) grinned slightly, took another picture, and carried on without the least bit of fluster. Our car is in working order thanks to wonderful TIMO folks who looked after it for us. It does have a slow puncture and needs a check up/tune up, so that will be on tomorrows agenda.

Please pray for our six hour car journey back to Magambua village Friday (or Saturday if the car needs more work). Thank you for your partnership with us!

Serving with you,

In Christ,

Jon for all of us


1) Can you believe they let Drew fly the second flight! (Actually, that picture is from the Kennedy Space Center)
2) Some cool kids waiting at the gate.
3) Second plane, out of Amsterdam.

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