TIMO is a unique, on-field, two-year missionary training program through AIM with a six part curriculum that emphasizes learning and application.

“TIMO, or Training in Ministry Outreach, is designed to both reach the lost and to equip a team of new missionaries with a solid foundation for a lifetime of ministry.  A team of between six to ten new missionaries learns and ministers under the guidance of an experienced missionary or missionary couple.  They live simply among their host people group, learning their language and culture, and living as Christians in their midst, always exploring ways to share the good news in word and deed…” excerpt from TIMO OpSheet

Click on this Link to see THINK ABOUT IT- a TIMO video or go to us.aimint.org/serve/timo/ to learn more.

Chalbi TIMO landrover

Photos from the
Chalbi TIMO team

some Chalbi TIMO team members