Our mobile MCH clinics really provide an exciting framework for a lot
of ministry. Because they are community based, we’re able to reach
people right in the villages where they live. The clinics provide a
platform for evangelism, public health education, bed net distribution,
childhood vaccinations, prenatal check ups for pregnant women, HIV
counseling and testing. These clinics
are really the backbone of our preventative medical care. We’ve been
fortunate to have such a cooperative relationship with the district government health officials who provide the vaccinations for children and HIV testing kits.

We do four mobile mother/child health clinics monthly in different villages. We have a dedicated medical vehicle, a Landcruiser hardtop, which we use for the MCH clinics and to send patients to the hospital when needed.  At the MCH clinics we do childhood weight checks and vaccinations, pre-natal check ups for the pregnant women including HIV testing, and community health teaching and evangelism.

MCH- village of Baaba