July 2022 – Drew graduated!

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week Drew graduated from RVA on Tuesday, and we as a family flew back to Pennsylvania on Thursday!  What a joy it was to be able to be physically present for his graduation in Kijabe, Kenya, especially since Josh missed an in-person graduation two years ago.   Josh flew out to East Africa ahead of Drew’s graduation, and got to see more than half of his class who also gathered as alumni.  We’re back in the States now for a short time, about six weeks, in order to get Drew settled into college at LeTourneau University in Texas, where he’ll be studying Mission Aviation.  Pray for us as we catch up with some you and some of our churches, but especially as we tick off quite a To-Do list of things for Drew like getting a Driver’s License, bank account, etc.  We’ll head to Texas with Drew mid-August, and then Dad and Rachel will fly back to Kenya for her to start 10th grade at the end of August.  Melissa will stay on into the beginning of September to visit her mom in Florida. 

We’re doing well, have gotten over jet lag, and are thankful for the Lord’s provision and care for us, and a place to stay across the street from Hershey Free Church!

Pray for Drew as he learns how to drive in America, pray for him as he settles in to college in Texas.  Pray for Josh as he continues at Millersville University, and shifts his major from Sports Med to Sports Admin.  Pray for Rachel as she looks forward to returning to RVA, but it’s bittersweet since she won’t have either of her big brothers there anymore. 

Enjoy these pictures of Drew from across the years.

Blessings in Christ,

Jon for all of us

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