US travels and back again

Dear Friends and Family,

We are back safe and sound in East Africa after a wonderful six weeks in the U.S. All of our travels went very smoothly. The kids have completed their first week and a half of the new school year at R.V.A. They are all settling in well. We are back in Magambua where things are dry and dusty. Despite the fact that several windows were tampered with in our absence, the would be thieves were unsuccessful and nothing was missing. We are also very grateful that things at the clinic are carrying on well even though two key workers left for government positions shortly after we arrived in the U.S. We are on the way to nationalization of the medical work which has always been the goal. Please give thanks with us and ask the Lord that the work will continue to minister to people, both body and soul, and not simply be a business venture.

Our time in the States was very full and very fun. We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends, bringing greetings to three of our churches. Though some aspects of our time in the States were sorrowful, we were so very blessed with love and fellowship. We also had four good college visits with Josh. Speaking of Josh, he is healing well after surgery but still needs to refrain from running for another month, not easy for an active and fun-loving 17 year old! As so much happened during our visit, we will let the photos speak for themselves!

With thanks to the LORD,


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