Update on Josh

Dear praying friends,

Just wanted to let you all know the that Josh’s surgery went well, in fact, better than expected, on Tuesday. The plan was that the surgeon would trim the torn meniscus and Josh would have a few days on crutches, 6 weeks of PT and be back to normal activities. However, when they got in, they were able to actually repair the tear by stitching it which is not usually possible. We are so thankful for this! However, what this means is that Josh will need to be on crutches for four weeks, no weight bearing on his right leg during that time. And no running for an additional 8 weeks after that. This is going to be a significant challenge for an active 16 year old young man. We will get wheelchair assistance for the flight to the States and he will likely need a wheelchair for a couple of his college tours. Please pray that all will go well and that he will be able to participate in the special activities that we have planned. Right now he is staying in a friend’s home with us on campus. He has been able to take his exams here in the house allowing him to remain stretched out with his leg elevated (he needs to keep on this position most of the time for a couple of days). Jon has been proctoring. He has his last final on Friday and two band practices as well. He will need to pay attention to his body and take it easy. Several of his friends have stopped by to visit which has been good.

Thank you so much for your prayers for him and for us. Keep asking the Lord for strength and grace.

Have a blessed day,

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