Dear Praying Friends and Family,

Do you ever have one of those days when things don’t go according to the plan? Usually that means frustration but for us today, a very unexpected change of plans has brought much thanksgiving and rejoicing.

Jon and I arrived at Cure Hospital (where I had knee surgery a few years back) around 9:45 yesterday morning. Josh was already there waiting for his scheduled arthroscopic surgery for a meniscus tear that occurred about a month ago while playing rugby. We went through the process of paying, Josh got gowned up and the nurse put in an IV. The anesthesiologist came in and asked some questions while filling in a form. We waited some more and then the surgeon came in to mark Josh’s knee before going into the theatre (OR). He decided to check Josh’s knee again. He asked Josh some questions, gave his knee a thorough examination and then said that we should cancel the surgery. His knee has healed enough that he didn’t feel that surgery was necessary. Wow! That was very unexpected! Praise God. But maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised. So many people have been praying for Josh’s knee and we were just trusting that God had a purpose in allowing the injury and needing surgery. I’m not sure what all of his purposes are in all of this but for me, my faith has increased and we are excited to tell people about Josh being healed without surgery. All glory to Him! My hope is that Josh’s faith will increase as well.

So all that is to say our day did not go according to the plan and we had to scramble a bit to make other arrangements for tonight etcetera but Josh was very happy to get dressed and eat lunch…he was hungry having not eaten since last! And of course, he was also glad to not need surgery as well. The doctor still wants Josh to continue resting his knee and doing PT over the next several weeks.

The kids are all happy to be finished with school and heading home. We will arrive home on Friday. Again, thank you for praying! More later on mediquest.

With thanksgiving,

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