Maize, rugby, audio players, and Mediquest


Dear Friends and Family,

Seems like our last several weeks have involved a lot of travel. We give thanks to the LORD for safety on the roads here in Tanzania and in Kenya. It also seems like so many around us are hurting for various reasons. Whether from hunger, or recent funerals, transitions, illness; our hearts ache along with those we love. We have family, friends (both here and afar), missionary colleagues whom we know and some we don’t who are all going through difficult times. Sometimes I wonder why but I know God has a bigger plan for His glory. But life is hard sometimes and when it is, I thank Him for friends and loved ones like you.

In early May, I (Melissa) traveled down to the south coast of Tanzania (two and half days of travel each way!) for a two day ladies retreat. It was a wonderful time of receiving good teaching, worship, fellowship and having fun! Then it was up to Kenya for a weekend with the kids. We enjoyed watching Josh play in a rugby tournament and just being together as a family. From there it was back home again.

We have been busy with distributing sacks of maize for those in need…thanks for all who gave toward famine relief last year, we were able to use left over funds for this years purchase. We distributed a few sacks to each local AICT church leader, so they can help needy neighbors when they come to them for help.

With the Hunzikers gone from Magambua, we’ve become the point people for getting the Sandawe Megavoice Scripture players to Odilo, who has been the key distributor all over Usandawe. Last Thursday we sat down with Odilo and his wife, and also Mama Zawadi, to brainstorm with them about doing Listening group seminars that train believers in inductive Bible study around Scripture audio players. It was a great time meeting with them, pray for wisdom as we look to plan some seminars later this year.

Dr. Savage and the eye team were here last week, and performed 16 successful eye surgeries. At least three patients were completely blind and now have vision in one eye. They have all heard the truth of the gospel message, including a number of Muslims from Kwa Mtoro.

Our colleague, Margaret, who has served with us here for the past 4 years is wrapping up her time in Magambua and returning to Australia for a home assignment. We will miss her. Pray for her as she seeks the Lord about a new assignment after her time in Australia. We enjoyed a farewell dinner with close friends over the weekend.

In other big family news….Rachel turned 10 this week, hooray for double digits!, and the Hoods threw a nice birthday dinner for her! We’ll be celebrating with her over mid-term. After mid-term, Rachel will be moving to one of the titchie dorms at RVA, to help her adjust to regular dorm life which will be in full swing next school year. Pray for her move. We’re so grateful to the Hoods and the way they’ve welcomed her in to their family this past year and a half at RVA.

We will once again be on the road this week…we head up to Kenya for a mid-term break weekend with the kids and then we will be leading a program called Mediquest. We will be taking 5 women around to various medical sites in Kenya for a month and then bringing them back here to Magambua for a week. The purpose of this team is to expose those interested in medical missions to various types of medical work in East Africa. Please pray for us as we lead this team. We have hosted previous teams but have not been the leaders before. We ask that you pray for wisdom, patience, stamina, good leadership skills, spiritual growth for each of us and for safety as we travel, mostly to places we have never been. Pray that we will enjoy one another and honor the LORD each day.

Finally, some of you may know that Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims, has just begun. Several of our friends minister to Muslims daily, and we interact with them from time to time. This is a time that we ask people to pray very specifically for these lost people. If you are interested in praying daily during Ramadan, you can check this link for information,

Blessings in Christ,


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