Happy Easter!

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, you just never know what the day is going to hold. After our usual morning routine of having devotions and coffee on the porch, Jon headed up to the clinic for a morning of teaching while Rachel and I went to visit one of our neighbors and her new baby girl. Meanwhile back at the house, the birds alerted our gardener to a snake in the chicken pen. It was a Black Mamba. He called Jon down from the clinic and he and another worker were able to kill the snake. As these are the most deadly of snakes in the area, you don’t want to mess with them. Turns out Jon was teaching the clinic staff how to administer anti-venom this morning. So they not only got a lesson in snake-bite treatment but also got a lesson in how to identify a Black Mamba by having an up close and person view of the head of this extremely dangerous snake.

Looking back over the last few weeks…we were privileged to be able to cover Drew’s dorm at R.V.A. for a week. During that time, we watched Drew perform in a play, got to see Rachel present her research on peasants, made breakfast for the 7th grade dorm boys (as per tradition), hosted friends from Nairobi over the weekend and in general had a wonderful time with our kids in their school setting.

A few days after arriving home in Magambua with the kids for their Easter break, we hosted a central TZ Unit prayer day. Usually when we meet, it is just adults but this time we had our kids so while it was a lot of work to prepare, it was great to be able to meet together as missionary families to pray for our various ministries. We had various prayer sessions/activities throughout the day, good food and wonderful fellowship with one another and the LORD.

With the kids home on break, we have enjoyed building forts, pitching a tent for a family sleep over, playing games, cooking together, visiting friends in their homes and hosting folks for meals in our own home. Rachel especially enjoys the new babies in the neighborhood. We also continue to visit other local AICT congregations and Jon has been getting more practice preaching in Swahili!

Right now I am reading through the Bible in a year and sometimes I feel like I am just reading to check it off my list. I know God’s Word is alive and active and does not return void so it’s never a waste of time. But today I asked the LORD to show me a verse on which I could meditate. I was reading the book of Ruth and right near the beginning, it says that Naomi had heard that “the LORD had visited His people by bringing them food”. I love the part about the LORD visiting His people! But for our community, I think the part about “bringing them food” would be the part that would grab their attention. The rains have continued to be very poor this year. It has barely rained in a month and the crops are drying out. If it does not rain VERY soon, the crops will be lost. Some of our friends and neighbors have planted multiple times this season and have already lost everything. Please ask that the LORD would pay a visit and bring food, either in the way of rain or that He would otherwise provide. Please pray that people would recognize God’s hand at work in their lives, that they would know that the LORD cares about their needs and loves to visit His people. And for those who are not yet His own, that they would see a difference in how the Believers respond in these difficult times and want to know more. Please pray with us that Sandawe Christians would have a heart of compassion for their lost neighbors and that they would have courage and opportunities to witness. We still have funds left over from previous famine relief, and will be using them to support the churches efforts to care for their neighbors.

As we look ahead to this Resurrection weekend, we have a busy schedule. We will be showing the Luke film in Kisandawe in the next village over on Thursday and Friday nights. On Friday and Saturday nights, we will be showing “The King of Glory” film in Swahili here in Magambua. Even while you ask for rain, please ask that these three nights will be clear. And please pray that all goes well as we are overlapping films and have two sets of equipment to set up. Ask that many will hear and respond to the truth of the gospel. We continue to ask for a harvest of souls here in Usandawe!

We look forward to spending Easter Sunday here in Magambua and celebrating our risen LORD with Christians from 4 local churches. We will then head back up to Kenya for a few days of holiday with extended family before taking the kids back to R.V.A. on the 22nd.

Enjoy the photos to see more of our goings on. As always, thank you for your love and prayers and faithful support. We are in this together!

All for Him,
Melissa for the Eagers

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