Rain down!

“Drip down, O heavens, from above, and let the clouds pour down righteousness; Let the earth open up and salvation bear fruit, and righteousness spring up with it. I, the LORD, have created it.” Isaiah 45:8

Dear Friends and Family,

I am sitting here in Magambua listening to the sound of falling rain on a tin roof. It’s a beautiful sound and one which we have not heard often enough this rainy season. Last year’s harvest has begun to run dry and most people are needing to buy food at exorbitant prices. Many have planted multiple times this season and have either lost crops or they have failed to sprout due to lack of rain. Please ask the LORD of the harvest to make provision for the physical needs of the people of Usandawe and that He will bring more workers to the harvest fields for the sake of many lost souls. We are asking for a harvest of souls for the Kingdom of Jesus!

Jon has started to step away from day to day patient care and is taking on more teaching and training as well as taking time for administration. Please pray that this transition will go well. We also have a burning desire to get more involved in discipleship as we see such a need for it here in Usandawe. We long to see believers grow in their walk with Jesus. We also desire to encourage them to reach out to neighbors and loved ones with the message of the gospel that many more might be saved.

We had a wonderful time with Sho Sho, (Melissa’s mom) while she visited both Magambua and her many friends in Kenya. She has now returned safely to the U.S. and is settling back into routine in Florida. Jon’s parents, Mimi and Pop Pop also came out for a short visit. We celebrated Drew’s 13th birthday and completion of his 12 tasks all together along with special friends up in Kenya. Where has the time gone? Josh, Drew and Rachel are all thriving at R.V.A., developing good friendships and skills for life. They are maturing in many areas. Josh and Drew are both looking forward to rugby season next term and have begun to train already. Rachel has enjoyed performance ballet and knitting this term.

Our unit leaders and international director and his wife came for a short visit in which we were able to introduce them to some of our church leaders here in Usandawe. We also had the opportunity to visit some areas for which we are praying for future ministry opportunities. We are also praying for whomever the LORD would send here to Magambua to minister in the area of Scripture engagement and discipleship.

We thank the LORD for the ways in which He is building His church in Usandawe. We feel that we are on the threshold of witnessing a powerful movement for the sake of the Kingdom. Please ask in boldness for an increase in the number of believers! His Kingdom come, His will be done!

All for Jesus,
Melissa for the Eager’s of TZ

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