A spontaneous baptism service

Dear Friends and Family,

What a joy it was yesterday to participate in the baptism service for four believers in the Magambua church. One of those included E, the one we mentioned in the last update who was delivered from demonic activity who has been going through some Bible study with local church leadership. She had been suffering from evil spirits since childhood, but now no more since putting her faith in Jesus. She was eager to be baptized as an expression of her new found faith, especially since some of her family came to collect her and return her to her home area. So the service was a spontaneous one for E’s sake, and included other young people who have been going through classes/training.

Since the baptismal pool at the church was empty, Melissa and I rushed down to the house after the sermon to fill up containers and a rain barrel to take up to the church for the baptisms. We were both soaked from the sloshing of water, but our spirits were not dampened, being full of joy for these young believers who made a public declaration of their allegiance to Christ!
Please pray for E, as she leaves to return to her home area, pray that we’d be able to help her connect with a church and especially someone who can continue to disciple her. We are concerned for her that she be surrounded by a supporting faith community, please pray for that as she returns to a coastal area of TZ.

Serving with you,

Jon and Melissa

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