A new year – part 1

Dear Friends and Family,

December has seen us at home and in Kenya with the kids while they were on a 5 week break from school. We love and treasure these days and weeks when we are all together as a family. We have also had my (Melissa) mom with us from the States so that has been an extra special treat.

Our dear friends and neighbors, Daniel and Elisabeth Hunziker, left Magambua on December 7th after having lived here for more than 20 years. The church had special farewell service for them and then we had a special time with them with fellow missionaries as well before they left. They have been the one constant for us in all of our years here and we will miss them more than words can say. They will continue working with SIL in TZ, but be based out of Switzerland.

Other good friends, the French’s, with whom we have a Christmas tradition of cookie baking and fellowshipping together also came down for a visit from their ministry location. It was extra special because we have not been able to be together in December for the last two years because of our home assignment and theirs. We had a wonderful time together and the cookies were delicious!

Jon and I have had one opportunity to show the Luke film in Kisandawe since Hunzikers have left. The first night we had just gotten everything set up and it started to rain so we had to pack it all up. The second night was clear and there were approximately 180 people there. Please pray that we will have other opportunities for this ministry and also that doors will open for a shift in our overall work here. We are hoping that Jon will be able to scale back on the medical side as more national workers are hired and that we will be able to get more involved in discipleship. We are also praying for other missionaries to join us in the work here in Magambua.

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