Pirates and Drilling Rigs

Dear Friends and Family,

We just had a wonderful weekend up at R.V.A. with the kids. Three weeks into the new school year and they are all doing great. On Friday, we got to spend time with each of the kids in their classrooms during an open house. Saturday was a field day for the elementary students so we had fun dressing up with Rachel as pirates to go along with the theme for the day. I think people were quite impressed with our get up since we were coming from the Tanzania bush! If you know my mom, you know how much she loved to dress up and she passed that on to us. In fact, I wore boots that she bought 30 years ago and have been used for many a dress up costume! Monday Jon gave a lecture, on the tropical disease Schistosomiasis, to one of the high school classes.

We decided to be adventurous on our way back to TZ and took a dusty back road that took us right in between Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro. We saw some neat birds and animals and a landscape that looked somewhat like the moon. On Wednesday, we took a day off with some friends and went birding in one Tanzania’s wonderful parks. We had a great time enjoying God’s creation and sharing sweet fellowship with others who have a heart to reach the lost here in Africa.

On Wednesday evening, Lisa, a nurse through the INMED program, arrived from the States to spend two weeks here with us for a public health rotation. She has done some other mission work in Kenya and has a heart for ministering to those who need medical care.

We arrived home safely on Thursday and last Friday, drilling began for the Dispensary water bore hole well! It was a noisy and dusty couple days, and Saturday afternoon we started to lose hope because they had reached 153 meters, yet no water. But people were praying! And the driller and I thought it’d be good to go to 160 meters and then call it quits if it remained dry. Then at exactly 160 meters, a huge gush of water came up, more than we hoped for, thank you Lord! The next step is a pump test and also sending the water to a laboratory for testing.

We enjoyed having some other guests coming out for a few days, including a visitor from the A.I.M. office in the U.K. who is traveling around to see different workers here in Tanzania. In two weeks time, we will be traveling back up to Arusha for mid-term break with the kids. After they return to school, we will be flying down to Dar es Salaam for our annual conference.

Please continue to give thanks with us for all that the LORD is doing here in Usandawe and pray with us for a mighty work to be done here in our local church, that healing will be evident and God’s name will be glorified among the nations. Pray for wisdom as the local health committee processes a number of applications for Tanzanian medical personnel, and pray for Pastor Mashauri as he steps out of his nursing role and in to his new role at head pastor of the local area.

Many blessings,

Melissa for the Eagers

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