Happy New Year

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, it’s a new year, and with this new year we’re feeling the culmination of a lot of answered prayer, and all the changes that come with it. Yesterday we dropped Josh, Drew, and Rachel off at school at RVA. We prayed and cried with Rachel, and then she ran off to find some friends as we got in to the car, just the two of us. With all three kids in Kenya, the drive back down to Tanzania feels so very strange. We’re full of mixed emotions, but the Lord has been faithful and we’re very much sensing His presence and solidness like a firm bedrock to stand on even when waves are hitting us. We’re praying that as well for our kids, especially Rachel since this is the start of a new phase for her.
The boys were excited to see their dorm pals but will definitely miss sleeping in like they were doing during break! Drew’s looking forward to playing Rugby this term (hope he doesn’t break anything!), and he got a new bike for Christmas which he hopes to ride all over campus.

Rachel’s new house parents are Jared and Megan Hood, a wonderful family with a cute little toddler named Addilyn. We spent some time with the Hoods Saturday as we settled Rachel in to their home. The Hoods are dorm parents for 8th grade girls, though Rachel is staying in the Hood’s part of the house and will be part of their family. Even so Rachel will have a lot of 8th grade ‘big sisters’ to keep an eye on her, as well as getting to play ‘big sis’ herself to little Addi. We’ve heard she’s doing well (the first day there without us!), but please pray for her as she starts school tomorrow morning.

Another neat answer to pray, and just another confirmation of the Lord’s leading, is that Jared is a reading specialist, and will be working with Rachel in areas she needs help with, and Megan will be helping out with reading at home as well. We are so grateful to this family for opening their home, and for RVA in general for taking Rachel for the rest of this school year.

Thank you for praying for us as a family. Please pray for the kids as they adjust to life at school, and pray also for Melissa for the Lord to direct her as she looks to new areas she might be used in ministry in Magambua during these times when the kids are away.

Thank you for all your encouragement and prayer support for us!

In Christ,

Jon for all of us

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