First shipment of maize! and Pahi Trip

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for praying! The truck with 100 sacks of maize that we thought
would never show, actually pulled in to Usandawe last Wednesday (9 days
after their intended arrival), so we were very excited! They dropped some
sacks in Kwa Mtoro and some in Magambua. They kept to the agreed price and
including some tip for the guys unloading, we were able to get 102 sacks
for about $32 per sack.
We had a typical 3 hour meeting yesterday to decide how to
distribute this first shipment. We’ll have five distribution centers:
Magambua, Wairo, Kwa Mtoro, Gumbu and Motto. Today Melissa did two trips
with the car to Wairo village to take their allotted maize there. Tomorrow
she will help get maize from Kwa Mtoro to the Gumbu and Motto sites. The
local pastors and evangelists will oversee the distribution, targeting an
initial seven villages, working with village leaders to get food to about
50 families in each village who need it most. Some extremely poor families
will be able to receive the maize for free, and others who are able will be
able to buy it at a subsidized price. Money generated will be rolled back
in to the relief effort to buy more maize. Together with future donations,
we anticipate being able to get another shipment or more, we’ll just keep
going over the next few months as the Lord enables. Pray for wisdom and
compassion for the pastors, evangelists and local believers as they are
involved on the front lines in giving out food to their neighbors.

I also had a good trip to Pahi this weekend for a supervisor visit
for the Pahi Dispensary. I was able to meet with Evangelist Cloud who is
the school manager there and has also lent a lot of great oversight to the
medical side as well. They have two new staff there, an Assistant Clinical
Officer named Yohana, and a Assistant Lab Technician named Aleck. It was a
joy to meet both of these young guys who are fresh out of school. Both are
believers and love the Lord so I’m hopeful they will persevere and we’ll
see an increase in patient care and witness and outreach among the Rangi
community there. Nurse Joyce continues on there in great service, and I
hope to be an encouragement and support to this team over the next year as
things progress. Pray for resolution of some electricity issues at their
Dispensary (a transformer/low voltage problem). There is some sad news
about a previous nurse named Saum, who some of you might remember praying
for. If you’d like to know more details please email me directly.

Thank you for all the encouraging emails, we feel like so many are
behind us and the Lord is using you to bolster our spirits! Pray for our
trip to Kenya starting Wednesday. We’ll be doing some immigration stuff in
Nairobi Friday, and then Rachel will be doing a dorm stay at RVA Monday and
Tuesday night next week. Pray for her as she gets a taste of dorm life to
see how it is and how she handles it.

We’ll all be coming home to Magambua with the boys after they let
out on the 28th, it’ll be so good to have them home for December break!

Love in Christ from all of us,


The truck with the maize finally arrives!


Unloading in Magambua
Storing the maize in Magambua
Dropping off some maize in Wairo
Evangelist Juma with his wife and child in Wairo

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