update on prayer requests

Hi Friends and Family,

Just wanted to update you on our prayer requests.

Elections were last Sunday and went smoothly…however please continue to pray for peace over these next few days as the results come out.

No specific answers yet with regards to Rachel’s schooling for the rest of this year. But so many are praying and others are actively looking for a solution as well. We are thankful and continuing to trust the LORD.

I don’t think we said anything about the bank account problems in the last e-mail but anyway, after 5 trips to Dodoma (2.5 hours one way) Jon was able to access money in the project account that was already there so we now have enough cash on hand to buy 100 sacks of maize to start helping families in need of food. This is only a fraction of what we hope to be able to do in order to help the many families who are desparate. Please continue to pray and thanks to those who have already contributed. As you may have heard, this is an El Nino year. For most of us in the west, it has minimal affect on the welfare of our families but as they are predicting an excess of rain in this area this year, that could mean another poor harvest. Too much rain can be just as harmful as not enough.

Thank you for praying for these various needs in our life. We appreciate is so very much. God is answering!


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