Still swimming!

TANNER GIRLS SCHOOL GRADUATION – Melissa baked a couple cakes for some of the girls from our area who just graduated high school in Pahi. Jon drove some of the families to the graduation and was able to join in with the celebrations, including the classic cake feeding! Oh yes, not just weddings, but graduations you have to feed a piece of cake to all your family and friends!

PASTORS/EVANGELIST SEMINAR – Melissa put her hospitality gift to use hosting our acting unit leader and his family for the seminar. There were also 50 some attendee’s for a pastors seminar. Pastor Cliff Boone and John Lorusso came, as well as the Pugh family and Lancasters, and the AICT General Secretary. So it was a really fun time of fellowship, encouragement, and teaching in Magambua.

GUMBU EVANGELIST – Jon was asked to be the special guest at the installment of one of the new evangelists who has been assigned to the Gumbu village church. It was a joy to see local believers pull together to welcome the new evangelist and his wife and kids. They were so generous, and Jon was so surprised to see three goats given to them, especially since this is such a hard year for folks because of the poor harvest. Pray for these new Tanzanian colleagues (Msekangale in Gumbu and Habonju in Motto) as they give themselves to the Lord’s work in Usandawe.


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