prayer for the country, our community and our family

Dear Friends and Family,

We have had so much going on the past few weeks and have been meaning to write an update but just have not been able to get to it. Actually, I (Melissa) did start one the other day but it didn’t save properly so it’s back to square one. Hopefully you will be hearing more from us soon as to all that has been going on but for now, we just wanted to ask you to please pray with us.

First of all, presidential elections will be taking place here in Tanzania on October 25. Usually one party dominates there isn’t much question as to who will win but this time, it’s different. There are two parties with strong contenders and there is some question as to whether the elections will be uneventful. We will be attending our annual conference in Dar es Salaam from October 14-19. We plan to return to Magambua on the 20th with a good supply of various types of fuel and foods of which prices or availability may be affected by the process/outcome of the elections. Please pray with us for peace and safety during the elections and that all will go well. We know the outcome is in the LORD’s hands and that His will will be done.

You may remember that we learned from our fellow missionaries here in the village that last years rains were not good. Since our return, we have discovered that many people in the surrounding areas harvested very little or did not harvest anything at all. The harvest supplies a family with food for the year and any extra is sold for living expenses. So people in dire need of food this year. Some have been buying food but at some point in the near future, many will be left destitute. We have been meeting with church and village leaders and planning what can be done to help. There is some money in the Magambua project account with which we can buy several sacks of maize but we are hoping that we will be able to purchase a further $15-$20,000 worth of food to help supply families with sustenance for about 4 months starting now until sometime in April when people may start to harvest next years crop. The rains don’t even start until December so right now, the fields are nothing but dust in the region. Again, please pray with us that we would have wisdom to know how best to help and that the funds will be
available to meet this need. If you would like to help, you could donate through
our Magambua Medical Project Fund with a footnote “Famine Relief”. An explanation
of how to give can be found at

On a more personal note, home-schooling Rachel is not
working out well at all. We are not sure what God has in mind for Rachel’s educational needs this year so we are praying and trusting Him for a solution. We have looked into Rachel attending R.V.A. starting in January but at the moment, that door is not open. One solution would still be for someone to come and teach Rachel here at home. While we spoke with several young women last year while we were in the U.S., none of them worked out for one reason or another. This person can be married or single, needs to be at least 21 years of age and able to cook etc. for herself, (although a woman is our preference, we are open to having a male teacher). He or she would need to be fully committed to teaching Rachel for the remainder of the school year, starting no later than January but sooner if available and staying on until mid-July. This person need not necessarily be a teacher by training. If you know of anyone who might be called of the LORD to fulfill this need, please let us know ASAP. And please just pray with us about this need as well. Our vision is limited and we see only a couple of options to meet this need but again, it is in the our Father’s hands and He may surprise us with something completely unexpected.

Thank you for your prayers with with regards to these needs. We will keep you updated as to the answers!


Melissa for all of us

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