(currently in Utah) but update from Northern Cali and Oregon


Greetings from Utah! (Happy belated 4th of July! We got to see a rodeo and fireworks in Jackson Hole WY)

Yep, we are now in Utah, having come through Oregon-Idaho-and Wyoming already (oh, and a wee bit of Montana too)! More about that later. For now, here are a few more pictures that mostly speak for themselves. You may have already seen a few of them on Facebook. We traveled up through California visiting family and then into Oregon to visit dear friends who served with us in Tanzania for a year, Seba and Vicki Kirkpatrick, who taught Jon and Mashauri how to pull teeth in Tanzania. The Golden Gate Bridge was mostly in fog as was the winding coastal road but we did enjoy the mighty Redwoods. We had a wonderful time in Oregon visiting Crater Lake and taking a jet boat ride on the Rogue River…very cool! And just kicking back a bit. We are having a great time, the car is holding up just fine though it was good to empty out and clean out a few days ago. We are all a little travel weary but hanging in there. Please continue to pray for safety, cheerful attitudes (especially for me cuz when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy and I do want to bless my family in every way) and that we will bless those we meet along the way. Thank you as always!

Thanks for praying for Drew’s ear, it has all healed up now. We have a slow leak in one of the back tires, so Jon’s planning to go get that fixed somewhere here near Salt Lake City tomorrow. Otherwise the car is holding up (6,500 miles so far and counting!)

Melissa for the Eager crew


1) Talking Paul Bunyan statue in northern California
2) A massive, beautiful Redwood tree in Stout Grove, Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park
3) Crater Lake, Oregon (breathtaking!)
4) Ice cream break
5) Melissa with her Aunt Ruth and cousin Craig in California 6) Jet boat ride on the Rogue River with Seba and Vicki
7) Jon with his cousins Thane and Sean in Gilroy, CA
8) Rachel riding cousin Stacy’s horse, Boots, who was very kind and a great teacher for a young rider!
9) A great visit with Jon’s Aunt Linda and Uncle Dirk, and cousins Thane and Sean and their families
10) With 5 different modes, and a real head’s up display, the boys thought cousin Sean’s corvette pretty sweet (definitely not a African bush car!)
11) Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco
12) Chandelier Tree in Northern California

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