Josh turned 13!

Wow, a teenager in the house! Pretty exciting! A couple weeks ago, Josh turned 13 and entered teenage-hood. We had a party with family and friends, and also had a Completion/Commissioning ceremony for Josh’s 12 Tasks. The 12 Tasks are twelve things that Josh had to do between his 12th and 13th birthdays. We celebrated their completion, but also commissioned him into Adolescence. The 12 Tasks of Manhood are a mix of physical challenges, spiritual and mental disciplines, service experiences, and some fun stuff! The original idea of the 12 Tasks of Manhood come from author and missionary Shel Arensen in Kenya. Shel wrote a series of fictional children’s books based on his experiences growing up as a missionary kid in Kenya. The sixth book of the series is called Test of the Tribal Challenge, and is about a missionary kid who goes through 12 Tasks as a rite of passage.

The 12 Tasks idea has become popular among missionaries in our mission for a Christian rite of passage for young men and women. Each family adapts the Tasks to fit their particular family/young person, and we did the same with Josh. To read about the original Tasks, I’d encourage you to read the book!

We are very proud of Josh and the effort he put forth in these Tasks, we thank the Lord for the ways he has grown, and we look forward to continuing to call Josh towards manhood through his teen years.

These are the Tasks that Josh completed:

BIBLE MEMORIZATION – Psalm 23, The Lord’s Prayer, The Apostles’ Creed,

Psalm 119:11, 105

READING LIST – Don’t check Your Brains at the Door, Peace Child,

Heaven- for kids, the books of Matthew and James

BIBLE STUDY – Starting Strong

COOK AND SERVE A MEAL – for seven people.

SERVICE PROJECT- taking food and visiting kids at an IDP camp, Mai Maiu, Kenya

DAY ON THE FARM/IN THE WOODS – worked a half day on a dairy farm in Kenya, then half day moving logs out
of the woods at Jon’s parents’ home.


SOLO OVERNIGHT CAMP OUT in Magambua, Tanzania.

CLIMBED MOUNT MERU – Arusha, northern Tanzania.


40 MILE BIKE SAFARI Elizabethtown/Lebanon, PA


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