Clinic Car update


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for praying for our situation with the clinic car. The mechanics in Singida have been very helpful, and I just received a report from our driver/mechanic this morning. There is valve damage and a broken valve stem guide on the cylinder head, and another spot that has a small defect. They recommend getting the cylinder head repaired in Arusha, and there may be an issue with the starter which they are still working on. In the end, it might cost over $ 1,000 to get it back in working order.

Pray for wisdom and that we’d be able to help get this fixed. It’s hard having something like this happen just a couple weeks before we’re due to leave Magambua to start our journey to Kenya and then back to the States.

We feel like we already have one foot out of the door, we’re trying to wrap things up/ have closure/ hand over various
responsibilities…… and yet we don’t want to leave our colleagues stranded who depend on this vehicle for mobile clinics and emergency hospital runs. Another issue is most places don’t take credit cards, they prefer cash up front, and for large amounts in Tanzania this can be a bit of a process.

So right now, we’re planning on taking Tumaini (our
driver/mechanic guy) and the cylinder head with us when we leave Magambua next week and head to Arusha. We’ll drop Tumaini off there and he will oversee the repairs while we carry on to Kenya to get the boys from school.

We’ll be in touch, thanks for praying!

In Christ,

Jon for our whole team

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