More pictures – Rachel’s 7! Emma W. arrives!


1- The bashed up front of the Mvumi car

2- Sunset at the Magambua airstrip, there’s something therapeutic about walking in the quiet cool of the evening after a long day at the health center.

3- Rachel turned 7 last week! Yay! With her top two front teeth missing, she’s as cute as ever, not to mention the new pink shoes (…I’m having Wizard of Oz flashbacks). We had a birthday dinner with neighbors here in Magambua (which Daddy actually missed while he was putting 40 stitches in to someone’s arm to fix a grinder accident). Thankfully, we’ll have another party at mid-term with the boys that Daddy won’t miss!

4- Emma Witwer, a nutrition major from the US, is pictured here with Melissa, Rachel, and the gigantic avocados at the market in Babati en route to Magambua. Emma just arrived and will be with us for six weeks, helping with homeschooling and also community nutritional assessments and community health worker training. Welcome Emma!

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