Eye Surgery Clinic


Dear Family and Friends,

May 19-22 found us again hosting the Mvumi Eye Surgery team. Dr. Savage (pictured below) graciously performed 25 cataract surgeries in our make shift operating theatre with the hum of a generator in the background supplying power to his operating microscrope.
The first picture below shows a blind Sandawe grandmother just post-op with her bandage on………then (second picture) as her bandage came off she covered her mouth in astonishment as she could see
again…….and the third picture actually missed the peak of her smile as she was chattering away in KiSandawe to her neighbors that she could see again after years in the dark.
We’re thankful the team actually made it this time to Magambua, because on their way coming they were actually in a car accident 50 km away. A bus coming the other way ran them off the road at a corner as it clipped the front right of their car. Thankfully no one was hurt, or equipment damaged, though the car took a beating. Thank the Lord for bull-bars and guardian angels.
Pastor Dotto and Tumaini went in our clinic car to help the team back on to the road, plug a leaky fuel filter, and get them safely to Magambua. The resilient Mvumi team, in spite of the accident en route, and a late arrival on Monday afternoon, still screened all the eye patients who were waiting to be seen until 7:30pm Monday, and then jumped in to surgery Tuesday as usual!
Tuesday the 20th was market day and first surgery day, and it was all hands on deck as the crowds swelled to 70 some people at the health center, between regular patients and eye patients and their families. Margaret helped out as an OR nurse during some of the surgeries as the Mvumi driver/nurse had to go back and forth to the police station in Kwa Mtoro on matters of the accident.
Dr. Savage survived the week, which besides the accident included many conversations with a certain 7 year old who loved to talk his ear off at meal times in our house.

Praise God for His protection and another successful surgery week!

That the blind may see,

Jon for all of us

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