April comings and goings


Dear Friends and Family,

April was full of comings and goings for us. Some comings are more welcome than others, as are some goings. For example, we love it when the boys come home for their April vacation, sad when they have to go. We loved seeing our friends the French’s here in Magambua for a visit, and also my (Jon’s) parents who came for a visit. It’s sad to see them go! It was nice just being with my folks in the day in/day out, playing games, walking, hanging out. I grabbed my Dad for a handful of patient consultations, so that was a real treat – Dr. Eager and Dr. Eager working together!

We had some unwelcome guests as well…. three black mamba’s in the span of just a few weeks, and a boomslang! We were happy to see them go…. on the end of one of Daniel Hunziker’s bullets, or someone’s club or axe.

Is turning 40 years old a welcome coming or not? How about turning 50? Or is leaving your 30’s behind a sad going or a glad going? Guess it depends on your perspective! (and not that we can stop it anyway, or delay it, though some try with Oil of Delay..I mean Olay)

Well, we got to celebrate both the 40 and 50 milestones, for myself and our friend/fellow missionary Margaret Papov!

We celebrated Easter here in Magambua during April as well. Jesus came and went. He came to die and rise, to conquer sin and death, to seek and save those who are lost, to set the captives free, to preach good news to the poor, to do His Father’s will, to proclaim His Kingdom. He went to His Father’s right hand in heaven to send the Holy Spirit and to intercede for His people. And He will come again! And when that happens…… for those who trust Him, there won’t be any more goings. Halleluiah!

Blessings in Christ,


[The next two emails are updates about other aspects of this past April.]


Praise the Lord for a successful knee surgery for Melissa, pray for a speedy recovery
-Pray for an upcoming Health Committee Meeting at the Pahi Dispensary Friday May 9th
-Pray for safe travels back and forth between Tanzania and Kenya -Pray for the homeschool week at RVA starting May 11th, Rachel will be doing some testing to see how she is fairing in first grade
-Pray for our upcoming Eye Surgery Clinic in Magambua starting the week of May 19th


1- Cool snake fact #38: The black lining in the mouth of a Black Mamba is what gives it it’s name.

2- The seder plate at our Messianic Passover meal during Easter.

3- The birthday boy and birthday girl!

4- Getting ready for a hike with Mimi and Poppop (Jon’s folks)

5- Dr. Boomslang I presume.

6- Trumpet practice for Josh during April break.

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