Pray for Pahi Mobile Clinic and Rain

Dear Praying Friends,

Next week, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I’ll be heading to our sister dispensary in Pahi (about 3.5 hours away), among the Rangi people, to conduct a mobile medical outreach clinic with our lab tech and two other members of our Magambua team. Please pray for a productive time and that we’d be a good witness to the community in word and deed. Our hope for the clinic is to boost the medical care of the dispensary there, provide some needed services for the community, and further train the resident nurse at Pahi.

Also, just a quick update on the girl who nearly drowned and we sent to the District Hospital. She was released last week and we got to see her on her way back home, and she has no neurologic problems, praise the Lord!

Please pray for rain as well. This year it has been hit and miss in some areas of Usandawe, and from what we’ve heard some other areas of Tanzania. If the harvest doesn’t go well in May, June of this year, we could be seeing hunger or famine in some villages by the beginning of 2015.

In Christ,


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