Hunger Relief 2013 summary

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for everyone who contributed to our Hunger Relief 2013. Enough money came in for us to bring 50 sacks of millet to Magambua. It was a type of millet that people in our area use for making ugali (the stiff porridge staple, usually made from corn). The local church in Magambua distributed the millet at a discounted price, and gave some away free for very poor widows and some elderly villagers. People came from the nearby villages of Wairo, Manantu, Magambua, Ovada, Ilasee, and Dinae. By the beginning of March all 50 sacks had been distributed, and 236 families/individuals received help.

By the end of March, some folks were already starting to harvest some of their maize and roast it for food, so we felt the timing of the millet relief helped bridge the gap between end of food stores and beginning of harvest. Thank you so much for your participation this year in helping our neighbors.

The proceeds from the discounted sales are now sitting in a local fund that we can use for future hunger/famine relief or seed relief like we did in December.



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