Family Update March 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

As a family, we’ve had some wonderful times together in the last couple months. Josh continues to do well and enjoy RVA and 5th grade there. We talk with him on the phone twice a week. His days are filled with school, choir practice, drama (he’ll be one of Jesus’ disciples in the school play), tennis baseball, ripsticking with friends, dorm life with devotions, dorm dinner Tuesday nights, games, capture the flag. On some weekends he even gets to go horseback riding since Melissa’s mom’s neighbor has graciously let him ride on one of her horses! He’ll be home in Magambua for April break in a few weeks.

We had a lot of fun at Titchie field day at RVA in January which was water-themed, so all the activities were water games with the climax being a huge water slide they set up on the soccer field. The kids loved it. Mid-term break in February found us camping out in Naivasha Kenya with our great friends the French’s, who have taught us how to play cricket! We got to go on a boat ride, swim, chase vervet monkeys out of our camp, and cook out under the acacia trees.

Melissa’s mom (Shosho) is down in Magambua now while we anticipate Kenya’s general elections next week. She’ll be with us for March and most of April, we’re very much enjoying the fun of having grandma around. Rachel is planning some princess dress up time with Shosho! Shosho has felt the Lord leading her to retire back to the States later this year, so we’re facing a big transition as she moves on after 40 some years in Kenya!

Drew is still all about planes, and runs outside with the binoculars every time he hears a jumbo jet soar overhead. He turned nine years old in February. He loves riding his bike and he and Rachel and their neighborhood buddies have gone off hunting for turtles and frogs in the ponds during this rainy season on weekends. If a dorm stay goes well for Drew this May, we’re hoping he’ll be able to start school at RVA in September. Homeschooling has its ups and downs this year. If you know of anyone who’d like to come serve with us here next school year and help teach Rachel first grade, let us know!

Love in Christ,

Jon for all of us

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