Drew’s big plane ride!

Lately Drew has been practically eating, drinking, and sleeping airplanes! He is fascinated by them, and says that when he grows up he wants to be a pilot. He even wrote himself a letter for him to open when he turns 18 to remind of this time as an 8 year old when he was crazy about planes.

Well Melissa came up with an idea for Drew to catch a ride on one of our monthly MAF medical flights that comes out to Magambua to take our team to the village of Birise. So I checked with our pilot friend Andrew Parker about the idea, and he thought it was a great one. So in early November I drove in to Dodoma early with Drew, and we took Mr. Andrew out for dinner with his son, and Drew got to interview him a bit about what it’s like being a pilot, and how he got interested in it,etc. Then the next morning, Drew got to ride in the co-pilot seat next to Pilot Andrew, and wear headphones to listen in on all the radio traffic and also talk to Andrew while we flew. We flew from Dodoma to Magambua, and later that day Drew said he thought it was the “best day of my kid life!”. A special thanks goes to MAF pilot Andrew Parker for being willing to take Drew and me on such a special trip. -Jon

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