Dedication of New Patient Wards and Sunday School Building

The weekend of October 28th we were privileged to host the Bishop, Assistant Bishop, and General Secretary of the Africa Inland Church Diocese of Pwani, along with others. This is the diocese that we work under, and they came to celebrate with us and dedicate the Sunday school building and new patient wards to the Lord’s work! They also came to visit the local churches in Usandawe. It was a wonderful weekend praising the Lord together for His faithfulness. The local believers pulled together to host the celebration and we had a very nice Sunday service and yummy lunch all together complete with rice, beans, meat, and goat organs.

The bishop and visitors were also able to visit each of the local churches in Usandawe, which was a big encouragement.

The children’s ward was named after West Lawn United Methodist Church who funded the building project. The men’s ward was named after retired AICT Bishop Nyangwaswa, who partnered with AIM and BFC to start the initial outreach among the Sandawe. And the women’s ward was named after Kim Stengele, who served in Usandawe as a missionary nurse for 12 years. We’ve filled the ward with beds that were funded by one of Hershey Free Church’s summer Vacation Bible School’s.

We’ve already started using the completed wards for our inpatients. Just last week we had a four year old with malaria and severe anemia, his hemoglobin was down to 2.8. We gave him a blood transfusion and treated his malaria while another patient received IV fluids for dehydration. Both made a full recovery, and it was great to care for them in the new wards!

The Sunday school building is coming along very well, the roof is done, and the window frames are made. Plastering, doors, windows, a drop ceiling and painting are the remaining stages to be done.

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