Eye Surgery Clinic Oct. 2012

Last week we had another wonderful time of ministry to eye patients here in Magambua, working with eye surgeon Dr. Savage and his team from Mvumi Hospital. More than sixty patients came on Monday and eagerly awaited the eye doctor and his two nurses. We had a time of devotions and sharing of the gospel with the large crowd Monday morning. The eye team arrived right around 1pm and started the eye exams. One of the Mvumi nurses checked visual acuity on everyone, then they came to an exam room with four chairs for the eye patients. Pastor Mashauri and I along with Dr. Savage floated back an forth between the chairs checking and examining and questioning a steady flow of patients. They came with a variety of eye problems, some just allergies, others with infections, retinal detachments, trachoma, corneal scars, glaucoma, and cataracts. Some had had surgery last May and were here to have the other eye worked on. Many needed medicine, which the second Mvumi nurse distributed. Others were registered for surgery for the following day. Because of the partnership between our team and the Mvumi eye department, we were again able to offer the surgeries at a discounted rate, and bring the service out to the village which makes it much more affordable for these poor rural farmers.

Tuesday and Wednesday Dr. Savage and his team worked tirelessly to perform 29 surgeries, the majority of which were cataract surgeries. A small number had been completely blind prior to surgery and were ecstatic to be seeing again!

Thank you for praying and supporting this work through the Magambua Medical Project fund.


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