Thank you

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for all your responses to our last email and encouragement, we are blessed to have such a team of people praying for us who understand what we’re going through.
We got to talk to Josh at school over the cell phone yesterday, and he sounds great! He seems to be enjoying himself a lot, and is settling in to the routine there. He really likes school (though he hasn’t had any homework yet!), and they are memorizing Bible verses in the dorm and he enjoys that. He loves hanging out with the other kids in the dorm, and the zip line on the school playground, and even the dorm jobs and helping out in the kitchen for Tuesday night dorm dinners!

Knowing he’s doing well helps ease the parental ache a little, and I’m sleeping fine at night knowing the Lord is watching over him and using the great staff there at the school!

Thanks for all your encouragement!

Love in Christ,

Jon for all of us

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