Book sets for Usandawe churches

With help from the Rath family in the US, we were blessed two weeks ago to be able to provide each AICT local church in Usandawe with a set of books to help pastors and evangelists (and anyone preaching or leading) deepen in their knowledge of the Scriptures and to prepare for sermons and Bible studies.

We were able to get the books in Dodoma and they include two commentaries, a Bible dictionary, a concordance, and a number of smaller books on various subjects such as calling, preaching, the Holy Spirit, our faith, studying and understanding the Bible, and the life of Christ. There are twelve books in each set and all are written in Swahili. Pastor Dotto from Magambua and Pastor Ntalimbo from Kwa Mtoro helped pick out the books.

The idea is for each local church to have a small library of books that will remain there for anyone in the church to use. We were able to get seven sets, one for each of the local churches: Wairo, Manantu, Magambua, Lahoda, Kwa Mtoro, Gumbu, and Motto.

Each of the church leaders has expressed deep appreciation for the help that these book sets will give as they shepherd the flocks in these various villages.

Pictured below are some of the different evangelists from the villages of Wairo, Manantu, Magambua, and Lahoda receiving the book sets.

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