May update

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings from Magambua. We praise the Lord with you for the last few weeks of ministry and life here in Usandawe. Thank you for praying!

*EYE SURGERY CLINIC AND MEDIQUEST TEAM – *Two weeks ago we hosted the eye surgery team again from Mvumi mission hospital. This time the surgeon was Dr. Brian Savage, a veteran missionary ophthalmalogist whose been working in Tanzania for many years, with previous experience at KCMC in Moshi, and Haydom Hospital in Manyara region. He and Dr. Kirumbi and our team here in Magambua have initiated a new twist to the Magambua/Mvumi partnership. They are planning on sending two eye doctors on the MAF Birise clinic day a few weeks ahead of the surgery week every May and October so that they can do medical eye screening for patients in Birise and in Magambua. Those who need surgery will be referred to the upcoming surgery weeks. Even this past trip, Dr. Savage flew out to Birise in early May, then did the surgeries two weeks ago here in Magambua, and then came again by plane this first week in June to do all the post-op checks on the surgery patients with me. I’ve been learning quite a bit more about eye disease from him, and feel more confident when I see eye patients on my own.
Dr. Savage did 27 surgeries two weeks ago in Magambua, 22 cataracts, one conjunctival cancer growth, and some trachoma lid surgeries. Again, it was a joy to help a number of these older patients to see again after being blind with cataract for some time.
During the time the eye surgeries were going on, we hosted a Mediquest team from the US for three nights, led by Dr. Bruce and Kate Dahlman, who have been medical missionaries in Kenya in past years. The team was comprised of pre-medical students, a nursing student, and one recent nursing graduate. They enjoyed observing different aspects of our medical ministry here, and were doing a Bible study and having discussions about medical missions during there time in East Africa. They have three other places to visit in Kenya this month.

*FAMILY LIFE – *Another big event that happened at the end of May was Rachel turning five years old! We had a big party with a ‘butterfly’ cake (another amazing Melissa creation) and presents. Rachel’s other big news is that she just learned to ride the ‘big red bike’ (the one that used to belong to Drew!). So now she’s tooling around on her bike all over the neighborhood, getting the normal bumps and scrapes that come with learning to ride.
It’s hard to believe that Meredith only has a week left in Magambua. She’s been a wonderful homeschool teacher for the boys these past 10 months, and a great influence on our kids. We’ll miss having her around, but know that she is looking forward to getting back to her family in Georgia and continuing with her college studies. Pray for her as she transitions back to home in the US.

*THE CHEW’S VISIT AND MOBILE ALAGWA CLINIC – *The week of June 18th will bring some more visitors from Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church, and a new outreach. Lydia Chew, a nurse from the States, and her son Wai-Tim, a pre-medical student, will be coming to Magambua. Lydia will stay for a week and a half, and Wai-Tim will shadow me for a month as part of a University of Lehigh healthcare mentoring summer program. We’re looking forward to seeing how the Lord works through and in them! Pray for their time with us.
An AIM TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach)/BFC team that is living among the Alagwa (Wasi) people of Kondoa District have asked me to come and hold a general medical clinic at their site. The clinic will take place on June 19th. I’ll have the Chew’s with me, and Lucy from our Magambua team to dispense medicine. We’ll work closely with the TIMO team themselves during the clinic, and will be offering BP screening, counseling, a few lab tests, and medical exams and treatment for many general illnesses. Please pray that this clinic will help augment the team’s witness among the Alagwa, that they would see the love of Christ in action.

We continue to work with a sense of awe and calling, humbled by God’s enabling and orchestrating of many different facets that come together for His glory. Thank you for being one of those facets!

Blessings in Christ,

Jon for all of us

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