May 2012 Prayer Requests


Dear Prayer Partners,

We had a wonderful time with my parents last month who came for a week visit.  We were able to spend 2 days at Lake Manyara and see some wildlife, including the tree climbing lions!  It was a blast!  The grand-kids loved hanging out with Mimi and Poppop.

This month of May we have quite a bit going on.  We are in Kenya right now for Homeschool Week at RVA, from the 6th to 13th.  We’re enjoying this weekend with Shosho, Melissa’s mom, here in Naivasha, later today we head to RVA at Kijabe.

Please pray for a good week of testing for the boys at RVA, and fun activities as well.  Pray for a dorm stay for Josh, who will spend Monday through Wednesday at a dorm with other boys his age as a ‘practice run’ for living at RVA next school year.

Pray for approval of multi-entry visas to Kenya this week.  The forms will be submitted, and it’d be great to have them stamped before we head back to Tanzania on the 14th.

Pray for another Eye Surgery Clinic in Magambua, on May 21st to 24th.  The eye doctors from Mvumi Hospital will come again, pray for successful surgeries and a good witness to many who will come from all over.

Pray for a Mediquest Team from the US who is coming to visit Magambua May 22nd to 25th, overlapping with the eye surgery clinic.  Seven medical folks will be coming to experience various medical ministry settings in East Africa for a month, and Magambua is there first stop.  Pray for the Lord to work in their hearts as they get a taste of medical missions in Kenya and Tanzania.

Pray for the six Mvumi Clinical Officer students, who were delayed in coming to Magambua.  Thank you for praying for them in April 🙂  But their time frame now is to be on site May 1st to May 20th.  Pray for our staff as they host them and that we’d have good opportunities to teach them, invest in these future ‘doctors’ of Tanzania, and be a positive influence on them for God.

Pray for stamina for our whole family, it’s a busy month, we’re looking forward to it, but it has the potential for being tiring.

We covet your prayers!  Thank you!

Serving Jesus with you,


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