Solar Kits for Pastors/Evangelists

BACKGROUND: One of the struggles of many rural pastors and evangelists is trying to light their homes at night. Many of them have school age children who need to do homework or read at night, and the only option is to use kerosene lamps. The ongoing cost of kerosene ($1.25 per liter now) can be quite a tax on these poor families who often live on $18 a month.

PURPOSE: To provide one solar kit per pastor’s/evangelist’s house in Usandawe. Four homes are without solar currently. The equipment would remain the property of the local church, and remain on the house even if a pastor relocates and a new one replaces him.

BENEFIT: The system would provide two solar lights for the home, and wiring to be able to charge a cell phone.

COST: $112 per kit, which includes a solar panel, battery pack with built in charge controller, two solar lights, and wires with various adapters for charging a cell phone.

If you would feel led to give towards this project, you could give online at under the Give tab, Online Giving, search for Magambua Medical. Write in the comments area “Solar Kits”. Or you could write a check to ‘Africa Inland Mission’, send it to AIM, PO Box 3611, Peachtree City, GA, 30269, with a note stating for “Magambua Medical Project Fund ER TAN 111 U” with footnote ‘Solar Kits’.

Solar kit including solar panel, battery, lights, and phone charger

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