August update and prayer requests

Hard to believe we’re already past the middle of August and the new school year is looming ahead! This month we had a very nice visit with Melissa’s mom. It was the first time she’s been back to Magambua since Melissa’s father passed away. She enjoyed the slow rural quietness around here, as well as bird walks with Melissa, picnics with the kids, and visiting some of our Tanzanian friends. Melissa and Rachel took mom back to Kenya last week, and Melissa’s helped mom check out some options for ‘retirement’ places in Kenya. We are thanking the Lord for the door He’s opened for her to rent a house down in the Naivasha area. While the girls were all in Kenya, I got to take the boys on a backpacking trip one weekend, which was a blast! My back is still recovering from sleeping on a thin little backpacking mat.

Pray for a safe trip back to Magambua this week. Melissa will be bringing Meredith Wood with her. Meredith is in Kenya right now at Short term Orientation and will arrive in Magambua this Thursday. Pray for her as she settles in to life and work here as our home school assistant teacher. Pray for a good start to the home school year.

Some of the local churches are holding evangelistic meetings in the villages of Manantu and Dinae. Pray for the gospel to go forth and that people’s hearts would respond to the saving grace of Christ!


Jon for all of us

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