Pray for Kenya vote

Our time is quickly winding down in the States. These days have been full of packing, re-packing, cleaning, weighing luggage, re-packing again, AND wonderful visits with many friends and family members! Next Friday (August 6th) we’ll fly to England, spend a week visiting a church and some dear friends, and then arrive in Nairobi, Kenya August 14th. After that we’ll make our way down to Tanzania. Thank you so much for praying for us. Please pray for safe travels and connections, and that we would be a blessing to those we spend time with.

On August 4th there is an important referendum vote coming up on the Kenyan constitution. Please read the summary below and pray along those lines with us as well. Thank you for praying for our safety and Kenya’s as we head in to next week.

Serving our Lord together,


Dear Praying Friends of AIM,

From time to time significant issues face a people that merit special attention and prayer focus. Kenya is heading into such a time on the 4^th of August and the days following, as citizens of Kenya vote in a referendum on a long anticipated new constitution.

However the debate over this constitution has been vigorous and differing views abound. While there is potential for unrest there is great potential for good as well. We ask that you join us in prayer for Kenya:

o That God’s glory would be evidenced as the Church speaks to the issues.

o That wise decisions would be made in voting.

o That constructive dissenting perspectives might be raised.

o That the voting would be fair, and results of the referendum be accepted.

In another development the recent tragic bombing in Kampala, Uganda has raised concerns here in Kenya as the source of this terrorist act comes from a close neighboring country. Again pray that destruction of lives would be stifled here and that it would not distract people from prayerfully considering the issues at stake for Kenya’s future.

Thank you for praying with us in the days surrounding the referendum on Aug 4^th 2010.

The Leadership of Africa Inland Mission International in Kenya

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