ALL CLEAR to return to TZ

WE’VE BEEN CLEARED TO RETURN TO TANZANIA! Praise the Lord we’ve reached 100% support and have gotten the all clear from AIM to return to Magambua, Tanzania. We will fly to England on August 6th, spend a week visiting friends and a church there, and then reach Nairobi Kenya August 14th and make our way back to Tanzania by the third week in August.

PRAISE FOR A TEACHER! We thank for the Lord for a young woman who has started the application process with AIM to serve as a teaching assistant for homeschooling for Melissa. Pray for the process for her and support raising. She’ll be coming for a 9-12 month assignment.

CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR OUR RESIDENCE PERMITS. Please continue to pray for our permits to be renewed so that we can return easily to Tanzania, so far I haven’t heard much more from the African side of things.

This is a bittersweet time for us as we say farewell again to so many friends and family. We’re excited to be getting back to Africa, but it has been a wonderful Home Assignment for us and so we feel both the joy of following the Lord back to His fields and the sadness of parting that is so common in the missionary life.

Thank you for your faithful prayer support!

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