This coming weekend we will have completed six Sundays in a row of sharing at different churches. Melissa and the kids didn’t go along on all of those visits, so it really hasn’t been too taxing for our family in general. The week Melissa and Rachel were down with the flu was a rough one though, a week which started with Melissa missing our presentation at Hershey Free church. We didn’t want to pass out prayer cards and the flu at the same time! But on the whole Melissa and I are feeling very blessed and encouraged. Why? For a number of reasons. The Lord has shown us such an exciting vision of how we are part of a larger work of missions in the world. During this Fall we have been so encouraged by many pastors and believers in a variety of congregations, people who have prayed for us, given towards our ministry, and even visited us in Tanzania. We’ve loved quality time with friends, catching up with their news, people who we can bear our souls to. We’ve enjoyed hearing of the Lord’s work through other missionaries in other places. We have loved worshipping at different churches, lifting praises to Jesus in our mother tongue, finding our hearts filling up with adoration and thanksgiving to the One who loves us.

In the village of Manantu, earlier this year, the new church building was dedicated to the Lord.

Click on the link below to listen to the praise song. The lyrics in Swahili mean “Oh Father, Oh Father, Oh Father, receive Praise!”


village church worship video