Famine Relief

AIM's Famine Relief FundI read an article recently on CNN talking about world hunger, and it reminded me of the struggle that many people in developing countries have in growing enough food to feed their families.  Certainly the cause of hunger is multifactoral, and there are short term and long term solutions that I believe we need to invest in.

Before we left Tanzania for furlough, I was talking with our Tanzanian church leadership and we discussed the fact that because the rains in Usandawe were sporadic    this past January through May, many people will lack food coming up in early 2010.  For our area, there is really only one rainy season, and people depend on that harvest to last them through the year.  If the harvest is poor in May and June, their supplies often start to run out around December or January.  Part of the work we do in Usandawe is to assist in the distribution of famine relief food.  We use funds from our MCH project account at AIM, “Mobile Clinic Supplies” # 00203, to help distribute maize and millet for hungry families.  We often coordinate this effort with our SIL colleagues the Hunzikers,and our MAF friends in Dodoma who will often fly the relief food in to our airstrip.  While we’re on furlough, the Hunzikers will be the main coordinators of any distribution effort that takes place in our area.

In Kenya, the rains failed even more than in Tanzania.

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Or CLICK HERE to read the CNN article on world hunger.